Taiwan Int’l Woodworking Machinery Show (WOOD TAIWAN) 07/02- 07/05, 2015

TAIWAN: Among the world’s top 4 Woodworking Machinery Exporters

Taiwan boasts more than 300 woodworking manufacturers! And more than 97% of their MIT (Made in Taiwan) wood machinery is exported due to its coveted renown for quality, flexible customization, after-service support and competitive pricing. MIT machinery is founded upon strong syndicate clusters that flexibly match the market with agile R&D innovation and production. That’s why the exports of Taiwan woodworking machinery rank alongside Germany, Italy and China in the global supply of everything from single machinery to turn-key solutions. And it’s only at Wood Taiwan where all these exports, topping US$498 million/2013 are sourced and signed to place Taiwan among the world’s top four exporters.

Invitations of Wood Taiwan
*Big Window on Wood & Furniture Production
Wood Taiwan offers a full list of machinery for ease of operation, cutting stability, easy assembly, full line automated production lines, ICT platforms, aesthetics design and stand-alone machinery. Taiwan woodworking machinery holds a six decade track record in quality assurance and super tough durability in products routinely work no-stop 24 hours around the clock.
*Pioneering E­fficiency & Output
Taiwan woodworking industry automated solid wood flooring assembly front-to-end production line cuts labor by 57% while boosting production by 30%. Taiwan’s first such unit merges a four-sided moulder, doubled-ended tenoner, sanders, surface chip dust removers and central duct collection machinery.
*New Flagship Pavilion drives industrial trends 
Emerging green concerns, automation and raising labor costs are spurring a fresh wave of products! Joint state-industry sectors have teamed up to create an on-site production line showcase pavilion with the latest integration between automatic controllers and different woodworking machinery.

*****ISIS will be participating in Wood Taiwan 2015*****