WOODMAN High Performance Frame Saw

HFS-520/HFS-530 achieves high performance and perfect low-loss high wooden sawing process.

New Generation Thin Cutting

High performance frame saw, the whole series models are equipped with an exclusive patented synchronous servo feed system, can achieve the perfect low-loss high sawing process, the application of industrial branched out into wood furniture, wood doors, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, wooden walls, etc. System for the ability to provide professional customizes services for unique requirements.


Convenient frame replacement

The front and rear machine plates can be separated to facilitate mounting or dispatching of the saw frame.

Quick and safe design to changing blades

Automatic lubrication of main saw frame.
Lubrication frequency as digitally controlled.

Convenient control panel


Upper feed roller adopts chain drive with chain allowance automatic compensation system attached.

Displayer micro computer temperature controller

Efficient dust removal

Rugged structure

Feed Fences

Convenient design




Hose power

20 HP

40 HP

Feeding system output power

7.5 HP(servo)

7.5 HP(servo)

Max. Working High

200 mm

310 mm

Min. Working High

60 mm

80 mm

Max. Working Width

150 mm

200 mm

Min. Working Length

400 mm

400 mm

Feed Speed

0.1~2.0 m/min

0.1~2.0 m/min

Saw Blade Speed

480 stroke/min

450 stroke/min

Saw Blade Stroke

210 mm

260 mm

Saw Blade Size

500x40x0.7~0.9 mm Kerf:1.1~1.4mm

655x45x0.8~0.9 mm Kerf:1.2~1.4mm

Saw Berf Size

TCT or stellite

TCT or stellite

Max Saw Blades

24 Pieces

30 Pieces

Finished Tolerance Value

± 0.1 mm

± 0.15 mm

Min Precision Thickness

2.0 mm

3.0 mm

Dust Pipe

5"x 4 Pieces

5"x 4 Pieces

Machine Dimensions

L3800 x W1000 x H1900 mm

L3200 x W1050 x H2050 mm

Packing Dimensions

L3900 x W1100 x H1950 mm

L3400 x W1150 x H2150 mm

Net Weight

3700 kg

4800 kg

Gross Weight

3900 kg

5000 kg