WOODMAN Moulding Brush Sander (5 Heads)

Five brushing heads combine cleaning brush units and abrasive cloth units. Conveyor speed which are variable adjustment by adjusted knob.

● Roller conveyor 1,840mm long with rubber rollers, working height 852mm.
   Conveyor speed variable adjustment by adjusting knob. 

● Two sets top brushing heads variable speed adjustment by inverter. 
   Working height adjustment by handle wheel. 

● Left and right side brushing heads on both side.

Left side brushing head is adjusted by handle wheel.

Right side brushing head which can make an angle and move forward and backward.

● The main frame is fabricated of heavy steel plate and ribbed to minimize vibration and deflection.

● All operating controls are centralized in a convenient control panel.

Large clearly identified and color coded push buttons simplify set up and start up.

● Brushing head with sanding strips and wooden brush. It has been designed for easy replacement.
    It can be used to sand architrave and molding for 3 sides.

● Easy Change the Sanding Strip

Model/Item No


Max. working width

12” (300mm)

Max. working height

4” (100mm)

Min. work-pieces length

33” (840mm)

Min. work-pieces thickness

3/8” (9.5mm)

Feed speed (Variable)

9~26 FPM (2.8~8.2 M/min)

Speed of sanding wheel


Top brush head motor

2 x 3/4 HP(0.55KW)

Right brush head motor

1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)

Left brush head motor

1x1/2 HP(0.37KW)

Conveyor motor

1/4 HP(0.18KW)

Moving brush head motor

1/3 HP(0.25KW)

Machine Dimension ( D x W x H )

184cm × 123cm × 155cm

Packing Dimension ( D x W x H )

205cm ×101cm × 163cm

Net weight

340 KG

Gross weight

470 KG