Metalworking Machinery

Taiwan has been the manufacturing hub for the high precision metalworking machinery over the past few decades, ranging from the conventional lathe and sheet metal working machines to the CNC machine centers. While fulfilling the needs for high-end metalworking equipment from around the globe, Taiwanese suppliers have devoted resources to develop and improve their products. For over 30 years, IPC Global has been located at the heart of this manufacturing hub. Therefore, we are well positioned to offer you professional and complete solutions to your metalworking applications!

Circular Saw

Equipped with quick lock vice and coolant System, with floor stand option. Very easy to use and ensures a smooth and precision cutting.

CNC Lathe

We insist to provide efficiently and high performance CNC Lathe series for our clients to meet all high precision working capacities and requirements.

Conventional Lathe

We can provide various conventional lathes with different sizes and functions to fulfill all kind of machining process and requirements.

Metal Cutting Bandsaw

We offer metal cutting band saws in various cutting capacities and different operation types from manual, semi and full automatic types.

Milling / Drilling Belt Type Machine

The milling/drilling machine offers maximum versatility which can be used in milling, drilling, routing, boring, and many other routine operations.

Milling Machines

We offer turret milling machines with various milling capacities, and also available with digital control to meet precision and efficiently operation.