WOODMAN Fixed Portal Type CNC Router

Fixed-portal, twin-table system allows continuous production for the machining of two or more different workpieces in one working cycle.

Solid Board-Industrial wood working center, suitable for various material, especially for solid wood.
Middle Board-Bigger floor area due to moving table system, suitable for machining on middle board.
Rigid structure-Different from the common design of rotating ball screw, the long travel axis is designed as fixed ball screws with rotary lead nuts or rack and pinion to ensure free of vibration and stability while high acceleration and deceleration.
Mature Technology:
Main working units, such as spindle, boring unit, saw unit and planing head are designed and assembled independently. With modular design, to built individual beneficial machines as per customers' requests.

Working Travel: 
X-axis: 1500~7560mm 
Y-axis: 1300~3150mm 
Z-axis: 250~ 800mm