Company Profile

Global Dynamic Networking

Since 1981, IPC Global Ltd. has been dedicating to bridging between supply chains and distributors in the field of woodworking machinery globally. At IPCG, we continuously strive to bring the very best quality and affordability to our customers throughout the world. We teamwork with some of the world's best manufacturers and innovators, which resulted in several advanced solid wood and panel processing technologies and machines that have created efficient and cost saving solutions for the woodworking industry!

Our Services Overview

IPCG (IPC Global) is on the cutting edge of new technologies that provide the best solutions to improve and grow your business. To date, we offer a wide range of CNC solid wood and panel processing machinery, including turnkey solution line of equipment. Our value-added services include up-to-date new product information, price negotiation, production audit, quality control, logistics, consolidation in container shipping, parts service, and after-sales technical support.
IPCG is your perfect source for procuring OEM products you need to compete without sacrificing quality. Moreover, we can provide ODM solutions from innovative design, development, to manufacturing end products. Customer satisfaction has, and always will be, our number one priority!  


Moving Forward

IPCG (IPC Global) is constantly expanding its network base. Our latest services include metalworking, plastic injection, palletizing, packaging, pneumatic products, and consumable products, such as abrasives, hardware, saw blades, and tooling. In addition, IPCG continues to represent many well-known brands from Europe and the U.S.A. toward the increasing consumer demand of high-end products in Taiwan. These exclusive brands to IPCG include: Cebi and Metakor.