WOODMAN Cantilever Type CNC Router

Ideal configuration of machining unit with complete range of functions covers maximum working area of routing/drilling/sawing and grooving operations.

Industrial wood working center, suitable for various material panel, especially for cabinet and panel system furniture industry. Milling, drilling and grooving for wood panel, especially good for the request of accurate and fast vertical and horizontal drilling.

Rigid Structure: Pyramid mechanical structure, through Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) and repeating loading test, firm and sold machine base providing perfect support, as the substantial foundation of speedy moving X-, Y- and Z-axis.

Mature Technology:
Independently development of critical components, including spindle, boring unit, dual-output horizontal spindle, tubeless vacuum system, LED or laser vacuum block positioning device, this model becomes one of highest self-made proportion product in the field. Keep core abilities, provide prompt and full technology support.

Great Efficiency:
Thanks to self-made ability, complete specification of main components such as boring unit and spindle ensures flexible working units configurations, up to 30 different choices. Customers could pick the most suitable configuration for their own product. Accompanied with highest positioning speed 80 m/min, achieve great efficiency.

Working Travel:
X-axis: 2600~6200mm 
Y-axis: 925~2200mm 
Z-axis: 125~400mm