The Kentwood CS-300P advanced design is manufactured to achieve high tolerance cross-cutting at feed speeds up to 325 feet per minute. This durable saw is equipped with mark reading and cut list entry by touch screen controls to allow defect cutting accurately, efficiently and easily. The CS-300P offers different cutting methods for incoming wood. The methods are minimum waste, value and length cutting. This machine also features flexibility with many cutting mode patterns including fixed length cutting mode, sequential cutting mode, cutting on mark with double end trimming, and a combination of mark and fixed cutting.

Features & Advantages:

  • 40 - 300 mm cutting width
  • 12 - 115 mm cutting height
  • Feed speed up to 100 m/min
  • Up to 60 cuts per minute
  • Saw blade diameter 20"
  • 10 HP saw arbor motor
  • Cutting accuracy of +/- 0 - 0.5 mm
  • Push feed type
  • Air cylinder controlled saw stroke
  • Touch screen human interface control
  • Crayon defect marking cutting
  • Stacked cutting capability
  • Grade optimization
  • Heavy duty design
 Model CS-300P
Infeed servo motor  1.3 kW
Saw motor  10HP 
Sorting (outfeed) motor  Optional
Cutting cycle  up to 60 cuts per minute with constant 50mm cutting length
Saw arbor diameter  25.4 mm (1") 
Saw arbor speed  3400 RPM 
Minimum cross section size WxH (infeed)  40 x 12 mm 
Board length – minimum in/out  200 mm in/ 50 mm out
Cutting width range min/max * 40 - 300 mm (Refer to diagram)
Cutting thickness range min/max * 12 - 115 mm (Refer to diagram)
Minimum distance between marks  20 mm
Height adjustment (saw elevation) motor  By air cylinder
Table working height from floor  885 mm
Machine weight (gross)  1400 kg
Dust connection  100 mm (4") x 2
Compressed air  71 - 85 psi
Voltage  230 or 460 VAC, 60 Hz, 3 phase 
Sort belt motor  Optional
Sort belt length standard  Optional
Number of kickers standard  Optional
Max board infeed length  6,050 mm
Min board infeed length  200 mm
Cutting length min/max  50mm min / 6,000 mm max 
Machine width  1,250 mm 
Machine height  1,700 mm 
Machine length without sortline  8,000 mm
Machine length with standard sortline  9,500 mm 
Feed speed 0 - 100 m/min
Cutting accuracy +/- 0 - 0.5 mm


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