Woodman DC-31810S Portable Cyclone

Mobile 2stage bag filter cyclone

The 99.9% cyclone efficiency eliminates the number of frequencies to clean the filter maintaining the expected airflow.

How does it work?
Dust laden air enters the inlet entering the cyclone
intake and cyclone funnel where the heavier debris
is separated into the collection drum before it can get to
the fan. The fine dust that remains airborne passes
harmlessly through the impeller and into the filter
with only 0.1% of fine dust collecting in the lower filter
bags .

Model DC-31018S
Motor 10HP
Air speed (m/sec) 25.9
CFM 4000
Inlet size 12"(304mm)
Dust port options D4"(100mm)x9 or D5"(127mm)x6
Static pressure (inch/H2O) 14.5 (3609Pa)
Filter surface (ft²) 6.78㎡
Sound pressure (dB) 79
Dimensions (cm) 170*85*280
Machine weight (kg)  300kg


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