WOODMAN Ø6-60mm Double Spindle Round Rod Milling Machine

Offering comprehensive range of wood milling machine: round rod milling machine, and double spindle round rod milling machine.

*Designed for cutting stick from square into round rod.
*Excellent for making round rod as material like wood, rattan, acrylic and similar material.
*4 cutting feed speeds to suit the various materials.
*Better than a single head machine, the RM-460S twin head machine offers smoother surface and saves finish time.
*Built with 2 cutterheads, provides coarse and finish cutting sequence in one pass.

*Option with motor reducer for more slower feeding speed reasonably in order to deal with the harder workpieces.
Shown with optional magnetic starter and cutterhead cover limit switch protection (Optional)

Standard Accessories:

Guide bush ( ↓Ø42mm)
12mm H.S.S Knife
Cutter head Guide bush (↓Ø42mm) 12mm(↓Ø42mm), 12mm H.S.S Knife
Outfeed roller
Guide tube ( ↑Ø42mm)
18mm H.S.S Knife
Outfeed rool Cuide tube (↑Ø42mm) 18mm(↓Ø42mm), 18mm H.S.S Knife
Model RM-460S
Range of working diameter Ø6 to Ø60mm
Range of working length 400mm~Unlimited
Drive motor 7.5HP / 5HP
Feed motor 2HP
Cutterhead speed 6000 R.P.M
Range of feed speed 14/16/18/20 M/min(4 speeds)
Dust hood outlet diameter Ø100/mm(Ø4")
Machine size (L x W x H) 136x69x91cm
NW/GW (kg) 560/650

Wooden Bead Making Machine


Wooden Bead Making Machine

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